~90 minutes

Life Activation Foundational Session

Let Isabel shine her visionary presence in practice, accessing the energetic blueprint of the full essence of your life, destiny, ancestry, and powerful gifts.

Capable of seeing your entanglements, Isabel imparts a multifaceted modality of both listening deeply, while actively shifting the patterns of your current life experience, supporting you to expand your consciousness. 

First Session ($250)

In this first session, Isabel will help you to access deep dimensions of your full being to feel the loving energy that is the core of your actual nature, so that you can effortlessly align your current life journey with your ultimate potential and embodied expression. As a result, you will be encouraged and equipped to finally break free from outworn, maladaptive behaviors around food, eating or other compulsions or addictions, transforming the energetic root cause informing negative self-talk and self-sabotaging patterns. Whether you’re needing to access greater self-empowerment, create transformation in your personal or professional relationships, or shift your story around money and abundance— in Isabel’s sessions, you will activate the internal energy your need to build a truly nourished life.  

3 Session package ($700)

After your initial exploratory and transformation session with Isabel, continue to explore and potently transform outworn behaviors to step all the more fully into your most empowered life expression and purpose, permanently releasing and healing patterns that no longer serve you.

Let go of early-formed impressions, incidents, ancestral narratives and energetic imprints that have influenced your life path, so that you can live free and freshly connected to your life energy.

Access the key, core gifts of your soul embodied, gathering sustained focused and self-value to truly build an embodied, nourished reality, equipped with profound tools of self-compassion and self-care as a life practice.

I came to Isabel exhausted by trying to use food to fix my food problem. I was exhausted by diets, quite simply, and couldn’t quit my long-held habit of emotional eating. In four sessions, Isabel helped to see the roots of my eating behaviors, which supported me to stop being at war with food, and, ultimately at war with myself.

We traveled to the energetic experience of myself as a child, so I could really see how and why food “saved me” from uncomfortable feelings. In time-transcending sessions, I safely was able to bring my adult awareness into my earliest memories, and literally rewrite the story of my relationship with food.

In my work with Isabel, not only did I begin to make different choices around food, but I was able to make more powerful choices in my actual life, and risk-taking chances that allowed me to truly make leaps in my career, my finances and even my relationships.

I highly recommend Isabel’s unique “actualizing” modality! 

Jennifer Fitzgibbon

Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re someone who repeats the same patterns again and again in your life and cannot figure out why, despite how smart you actually are—Isabel’s miraculous, magical sessions are for you! I did not know that low self-value was informing my limited perspective around wealth and love, specifically. After working with Isabel for six months, I’ve shifted both my money story and my love story.

As a woman, I feel more confident to access my power and beauty from within and that there is no “expiration” on my value. This has been a massive shift for me, since from my teenage years, I felt a giant pressure to achieve success by a certain age. Now, in my 50’s, I have more love and more work than I had in my 30’s.

Isabel is extremely generous with her gifts, and capable of supporting transformation on multiple levels. What a nourishing human. Thank you, Isabel, for helping to shine a loving mirror on my life.

Lee Holstead

Boston, Massachusets

I spent most of my life not feeling my body, though not aware of the numbness of disassociated patterns I was holding. When I came to a stuck point in talk therapy, a friend recommended I work with Isabel. I wanted to tap into a more abundant life— but I had no idea that feeling my body, and staying connected to my own sensations was part of that. Isabel helped me to feel more deeply into the rich, abundance that already exists in my own body. Through guided visualizations, I was able to safely feel into my inner-world for the first time. We met weekly for about 10 weeks, and I can say that my own personal experience in this time working with Isabel’s Life Actualization was profoundly more effective than 5 years of talk therapy. As a result, I’ve noticeably become more able to relax into my experiences, to receive and be with other people, as well as my own felt sense of being in body. Both my friends and family have commented on my transformation, and I actually feel more charged up about all the things I’m creating in my life. 

Julia Simmons

Sacramento, California

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