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I’m Isabel Chiara—Author and Life Actualization Coach!

My life’s work centers on the theme of NOURISHMENT!

We often associate the word “nourishment” with all things food-related, but here, when we use the word NOURISH, we’re not just speaking about food or referencing a diet. Nourish is about how we feed our reality, our life, and the moment. 

Nourish is a step-by-step path, where we continually commit to listening to how we’re speaking to ourselves and how we’re constructing the narrative of our lives.

How we self-nourish shows up in our being, in our behaviors, and our willingness to be present in our lives.

My Philosophy

To truly nourish our lives, we must practice loving and trusting ourselves. How we love ourselves impacts our relationships, our profession, our home — and, most importantly, our core behaviors!

My Approach

Taking on the path of nourishment has been the greatest teacher in my life!

I’ve come to see that “how we do food” is a reflection of how we are nourishing our whole life— how we are feeding and believing in and empowering our core essence!

You’re here because you’re ready to let your gifts shine forth from within you and into the world—and choose the behaviors that energize your most actualized life! I want to support you to embrace the tools you inherently possess. As the Latin phrase goes—Cur Te Ipsum— Healer, heal thyself! The medicine you’re seeking is within you!

Transition from feeling overwhelmed to gaining greater presence in the moment.

Turn your daily frustrations into invitations to deepen self-connection.

Navigate through confusion and step confidently into choices that are healthy for you, as defined by you.

Decode and see your outworn behaviors around “how you do food” and all self-deflating patterns.

Heal your connection with food—and effectively  nourish all aspects of your life.

About Isabel Chiara

Guide, Mentor, Leader

Isabel Chiara, creator of “The Life Actualization Process,” has been a guide, mentor, and leader throughout her entire life. Over the last thirty years, she has honed her expertise in extensive studies and practices of transformational energy modalities. As a professional intuitive guide, Isabel activates unlimited potential for her clients, helping them to ignite their most liberated, passionate and empowered life path, full of prosperity, miracles, and magic. For more information about Isabel’s “Life Actualization” processes, as well as her previous top-selling book, Eat Your Words, visit her website below!



NOURISH is an app of powerful activations, meditative and engaging exploratory processes designed to support you to transform limiting behaviors and activate your greatest life expression!

Sign up to explore the first NOURISHMENT series, 12 central processes designed to help you transform your outworn eating behaviors—helping you to shift the behavioral patterns and underlying energies informing your relationship to food, eating, and all things “nourishment”.


Eat Your Words

Eat Your Words

This isn’t just another book about eating — it’s about the words we feed our minds and how they shape our relationship with food. Dive into the psyche of your eating habits, explore the emotional undercurrents informing your eating patterns, and learn how to nourish not just your body, but also your soul. A compelling blend of personal anecdotes, insightful exercises, and actionable strategies, “Eat Your Words” guides you towards a holistic relationship with food.


Bod Behavior

Bod Behavior

Ever wondered why we act a certain way towards our bodies, why some days we’re in love with our reflection, and others, we’re overly critical?

“Bod Behavior” unravels the complex relationship we have with our bodies.

Through deeply personal stories and expert insights, this book will challenge you to rethink, reshape, and relove the way you perceive yourself.



The Nourish Journal

Recognition, awareness and acknowledgement are key elements to manifesting your desires into reality. The best way to do this is to train your mind to see things from a new perspective.

This journal is a helpful tool to regularly track and anchor in your awareness.

This journal is a free offering— designed as a supportive tool to regularly track and anchor in your awareness. 

A regular practice of journaling around your shift experiences will have a profound impact on your healing journey and manifesting your desires into existence.

Welcome, Amazing Spirit!

Here is your gift— the The Morning Canvas. It is a 5-minute audio recording designed to be listened to right as you’re waking up in the morning, when the brain is in its most “impressionable” state. The Morning Canvas will help you set a Nourishing Tone for your whole day—and help you to easily make the kind of life changes you need, breaking free from outworn behaviors with a secure sense of self-connection, creating your best life! 

Start Here (to get the most benefit)

Morning Canvas Meditation

listen within 15 minutes of waking up


Experience the power of transforming outworn behaviors, and actualizing your greatest, self-nourishing life!

Download the NOURISH APP or learn more HERE.



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