Welcome, Amazing Spirit!

Here is your gift— the The Morning Canvas. It is a 5-minute audio recording designed to be listened to right as you’re waking up in the morning, when the brain is in its most “impressionable” state. The Morning Canvas will help you set a Nourishing Tone for your whole day—and help you to easily make the kind of life changes you need, breaking free from outworn behaviors with a secure sense of self-connection, creating your best life! 

Start Here (to get the most benefit)

Morning Canvas Meditation

listen within 15 minutes of waking up


Experience the power of transforming outworn behaviors, and actualizing your greatest, self-nourishing life!

Download the NOURISH APP or learn more HERE.

Each Proccess Includes:


An Activation

which is ~40 minutes of audio and text, to listen to at least one time during your process journey


An Essential Elixir

to engage with regularly throughout your process journey


A Transformation Card

to fortify your exploration, transformation and empowerment)

…What do you get when you combine MEDITATION with EXPLORATION and TRANSFORMATION?

…You Get Activation


Actualize Your Empowered Life