Nourishment Series

...It is not a diet's a way to Nourish your soul ... and heal your relationship with food and eating

When you engage with the Nourishment Series (a series of transformational processes in The Nourish App), you’ll be guided through profound audio recordings and essential core content, actively rewriting your inner-narrative around food and eating. You’ll explore the root cause of your behaviors and let go of outworn patterns keeping you from living an empowered life.

The Nourishment Series Processes gently guide you in a safe space to locate and release the root causes, obstacles and entanglements that have long-informed your behaviors around food and eating. In highly visual activations, you’ll connect to your own wealth of inner-power, and discover precisely what living a nourished,  empowered life means to you from the inside-out, no longer feeling “bullied” by food or consumed with food-fixated thinking. Nourish your reality, your life and the moment--- stepping into the magical essence  of who you are as a creator, connected to the wisdom of your body, the strength of your soul and the light of your mind.

Each Proccess Includes:


An Activation

which is ~40 minutes of audio and text, to listen to at least one time during your process journey


An Essential Elixir

to engage with regularly throughout your process journey


A Transformation Card

to fortify your exploration, transformation and empowerment)

…What do you get when you combine MEDITATION with EXPLORATION and TRANSFORMATION?

…You Get Activation


Actualize Your Empowered Life