unlock Your Power to Activate!

Experience the power of transforming outworn behaviors, and actualizing your greatest, self-nourishing life!

Are you tired of feeling like your relationship with food is out of your control?

Do you often use food as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, or navigate through transitions and the unknown? If you find yourself trapped in outworn habits or behaviors surrounding food, you’re not alone.



Unlock the Power of Activations:

Dive into a world where meditation meets exploration and transformation.

Experience the Nourishment Series – a specially curated collection for individuals like you.

With 12 empowering processes spanning four unique bundles, each designed with a focused theme, you can recalibrate behaviors around food and realign with your soul’s purpose.


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Tailored Experience with a Personal Touch

Just starting? Our onboarding quiz reveals processes perfectly tuned to your unique journey. Whether you lean towards “Healing Connections” or “Transforming Inner-Dialogue,” we’ve got your back.



Receive Nourishing Moments

Receive our  timely, irresistible reminders that pull you into a space of reflection. With 365 transformative prompts, turn every day into a journey of introspection, growth, and realignment.


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A Forever-Free Gift for Every Soul

Delve into the LOCK and KEY process upon downloading the app.

This gift is here to help you strengthen your energetic boundaries and connect with your life’s true purpose.



Our Transformation Promise

Commit to your NOURISH journey. We are confident that the engaging processes of The Nourishment Series will support you to powerfully embody a deeper level of self-connection and key insights into your relationship with food.



Deep-dive exploration

Book a personal activation session with Isabel Chiara to activate real inside-out self-nourishment—the fullest expression of your desires, ambitions, visions and dreams.

Redefine what it means to NOURISH your life

Because nourishing is not just about feeding a body.

NOURISH isn’t just an app. It’s a movement—a revolution of the soul! NOURISH is an answer to the void within that diets, fads and trends fail to address.

Reclaim Your Relationship with Food.

Feed Your Soul.

Transform Your Life.

This Nourishment Series is the first program of its kind— where you’ll powerfully gain the tools to transform chronic, maladaptive eating behavioral conditions. Through listening to the series’ active meditations, you’ll participate on both conscious and subconscious levels to effectively shift challenging food-related behaviors. At your own pace, you’ll explore and transform your unique internal nourishment narrative, and you’ll rewrite the way you lovingly feed your life.



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