I ' M  I S A B E L  C H I A R A ,  A U T H O R  A N D  L I F E  A C T U A L I Z E R 

I help people tame their inner chaos, turn obstacles into opportunities, and set a new path to finding 

What's In YOUR Inner Fridge?

This book is a story about revealing and healing the inner chaos that sends us racing to the drive-thru window.

Read how a woman discovered the power of learning to listen to her inner-dialog to ease her food-frenzied behaviors.
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    Shift Your Focus 
  From Food To Life
FIND Freedom from Food-Obsession and Reclaim Your Joy-Filled Life
Amp-up your productivity, lose weight or even meet your soulmate when you free yourself from the mantra “What’s-wrong-with-me-I-gotta-have-it-now”. 

Join The HAPI Place for guided videos of Healing and Activation Process Integrations (HAPI's) that will transform 
the way you think, reduce stress and expand 
your creative energy so you can channel it into your life goals. 

It’s time to taste life on the other side of the food coma! 
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