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Find Freedom From Food-Obsession and Reclaim Your Joy-Filled Life!

Here’s what you’ll get in The HAPI Place:

Powerful daily practices to reduce stress, untangle thought patterns and break habits using our Healing and Activation Process Integrations (HAPI’s)
Practical methods to silence your triggers and cravings
Guidebooks to accelerate your progress and make it stick
Simple proven exercises to retrain your brain and how it thinks about eating
Access to private coaching and live healing and activation sessions with Isabel
Exclusive membership-only video trainings from the world’s most influential experts in elevating your life to new levels

A Daily Visit To The 
HAPI Place Will Help You

Conquer shame and guilt
Silence your “gotta have it  right now” voice
Quiet your cravings 
Learn to actually taste your breakfast
Reclaim some much needed head-space 
Find peace in the places you’ve shunned and numbed



If you are smart, driven and in control of your life 
yet for some reason food is an exception. 

If you have tried every restrictive diet, followed dozens of food-gurus and wellness coaches, but still your will-power fails leaving you feeling powerless and isolated.

If at the end of the day, you are exhausted from thinking 
about how NOT to think about food. 

Yes!  That’s Me! 
I’m Ready to Reclaim Control of my Life Now!

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You can amp-up your productivity, lose weight or even meet your soulmate when you free yourself from the mantra...

“What’s wrong with me--I gotta have it now”. 

These processes will transform the way you think, how you react, and expand your creative energy to channel into your next goal. 

The Cost

                               You get everything inside The HAPI Place Membership for 
                  just $1 USD for the first 7 days,
               then only $37 USD per month, thereafter.

                 There is a whole new life waiting 
               for you on the other side of the food coma! 

Yes!  I want to start tasting life today!

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That’s the number of weight-loss programs, workshops, tactics and techniques I have tried yet failed to anchor in.  I am driven, accomplished, and had achieved great success in my life but still, I couldn’t shake my inner voice and it’s relentless anthem..

"Potato Chips! Cakes!Cookies! Oh My!"

In perpetual GO GO GO mode, food had become my constant companion, my soother, my rescuer. With food, I got to tune out, and fixate on fried fritters rather than embrace my true passion and joy. 

I have spent nearly 3 decades grappling my way out from the crippling  grip of food-obsession. It’s been a spiritual quest that has led me to some of the most highly charged places throughout the world—a  journey to my edges and back again.

After 30 years of study with master teachers in the healing arts and sciences, I’ve sifted through it all, peeled back the layers, ditched the nonsense, and when the dust finally settled, discovered a simple truth that I have tucked neatly into The HAPI Place.

What many experts won’t tell you is that restrictive diets and meal-plans won’t heal you. There is no quick-fix, no magic powder or pill. It can’t be found in a food log or by counting calories. 

The solution to lasting change is an inside job.

My processes are changing lives and I’m confident they’ll change yours too, and most importantly, you don’t have to do it alone. Ever.
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