Awaken Your Inner Manifestor (AIM)

Awaken Your Inner Manifestor (AIM)

Imagine you can shift your abundance mindset in as little as 6 weeks! This Accelerated Activation program is designed specifically for those who want to fully step into their true potential, Awaken their “Inner Manifestor” and prepare for the 9 month Intense Activation, Manifestation and Accountability Coaching program.

This Accelerated Activation program will Awaken your “Inner Manifestor” through my exclusive VMS™ (Visualize, Manifest, Shift) Process.


~ Learn exclusive and powerful techniques to accelerate your manifestations to see results quicker
~ Manifest powerfully, confidently and consistently (replace self-action)
~ Train your inner voice with powerful self talk phrases
~ Improve self-action; shift from “should” to “could”
~ Clear self sabotaging beliefs/blocks
~ Improve relationship with self and others
~ Achieve a clearer sense of purpose
~ Create emotional ease in daily situations
~ Re-framing the past into an action oriented future
~ Anchor new life vision
~ Learn to apply our unique VMS™ (Visualize, Manifest, Shift) process to daily life
~ Support with Essential Oil and Herbal recommendations to bypass limiting beliefs

Ready for your extra SUPPORT?


  • 1 one-hour visualization and activation phone call (Valued at $250)
  • 1 one-hour cleansing and clearing phone call (Valued at $250)
  • 3 thirty-minute accountability check-ins (1 x week) (Valued at $375)
  • Daily text accountability check-in (Valued at $400)
  • Herbal Teas/Essential Oils consultation to support life shifts (Valued at $250)

At the end of this Accelerated Activation program you will feel aligned with your goals, confident in your ability to manifest consistently, and empowered to move forward towards achieving your greatest life. You will notice a shift in your relationships, your body will feel aligned with your souls purpose, and you will have clarity and momentum in achieving your life’s purpose.

What’s holding you back from activating the life of your dreams? Whatever it is, this program is designed to identify and move you through your unique challenges and custom design the beliefs to Activate and Accelerate your Inner Manifestor.

ACTIVATE below to jump start your vision!

*Partial Payments: 2nd payment of $325 will be billed on week 3.



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