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Life Activation Program!

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This transformational one on one  life activation series will assist you with triggering your own ability to actualize and optimize your life. Your Life Actualizer will work directly with you using the following techniques to address activating your desired life. She will use her intuitive gifts, EFT techniques, Theta healing, goal-setting, belief disrupting, re-visioning, energy releasing, and holistic nutritive suggestions to lead you to a life filled with passion, joy and abundance.



~ Attain empowerment and greater trust of self
~ Improve self-image
~ Experience a paradigm shift of perceptions relating to life events
~ Improve relationship with self and others
~ Achieve a clearer sense of purpose
~ Create emotional ease in daily situations
~ More Joy, Abundance and Passion
~ Re-adjustment of boundaries
~ Path to optimal health


  • Initial 1.5 hour Activation phone session
  • Six 45 minute phone sessions (scheduled weekly)
  • Check-in’s via texts & email
  • Energy healings & clearings
  • Creative Visualization/Revisioning
  • Goal Activation
  • Lifestyle guides & recommendations
  • Assessment of shifts & activations throughout the program.


This Life Activation Program is good for anyone looking to take action and improve their life. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey as long as you have a willingness to improve.



Through one-on-one consultations, Isabel has helped empower me to upgrade my self image + have the confidence to set boundaries within my relationships.  I am happier,  healthier + activated!

Cheryl ~ Greenwich CT


I was at a really low point in my life, feeling helpless when I reached out to Isabel. She immediately went into action and started helping me sort out the issues one by one. I was not too sure what it meant to do a Theta healing, but I soon understood that it was a type of energy healing with great benefits. All of us keep so much trauma, sadness and wounds in our hearts that we do not know of. That is what was understood by me when she started stating the problem to heal and applying remedies. One by one they left my heart. I felt a great relief all over my body because I can feel the tension in my body leave little by little. Isabel is a very compassionate person who greatly cares for the people and intuitively feels others in a way that most people cannot. She pulled me out of the darkness I was fading into because of my fears, trauma and ancestral karma. She is ready to do her great service to Mother Earth and I wish her the best of luck and blessings!! I highly recommend her!!

Marita - Corpus Christi, Texas.

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When we bring our consciousness to “light” the universe conspires and presents us with new possibilities.