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There is no one-size-fits-all formula

for creating a life that makes a real difference in the world

But I can help you dig deep to 

fully expose, explore and embrace the genius

that is to become your true legacy 

Unleash your innermost creative resources, 

Uncover your deepest yearnings and 

Discover the life you were intended to live.

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Isabel worked with me in a compassionate yet humorous way to help me step into a bigger vision of who I am. She help me let go of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual patterns that were no longer serving me”

– Margaret M. Ohio

Do you feel…


Your successes are not a reflection of the true essence of what you came here to do?

Hollow and detached from your day-to-day life? 

Disingenuous with your intentions. 

There is a much greater mission for you than your current accomplishments?


It’s time for your encore 


Everyday, I help successful high-powered people discover that it is not their daily to-do list or their quarterly goals that empower them. 

It’s the greater vision of the unspoken dream that creates the difference-makers and paradigm shifters who leave an indelible impression on the world.

Through a process that activates, on a cellular level, an expanded version of yourself, I will help you speak into that dream because that is the genesis of the legacy you will leave behind. 

I can help you make a new declaration and begin to live your life in the powerful energy of legacy creation.

I will personally assess your current state of health and career, and explore the dynamics of your relationship with yourself and others to create a custom, action-plan to activate your own DNA so you can expose, explore and optimize the plan for your life’s legacy.

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I’m unlocking my secrets in my brand NEW program


To discover the legacy life you are intended to live

Get crystal clear, and imagine what your life will look like when you…

escape the minutia
tame your multi-tasker mind
burn away old attachments
reframe your past into an action-oriented, magic-filled future


You’re stuck on rinse and repeat.

You’re a savvy, intelligent person who is not afraid of a challenge, and new discoveries. 

You’re intrigued by adventure and want to create a deeper connection to your life experiences and radiate that out into the world 

You have faith in yourself but sense that there is “more out there” that is passing you by but you’re unsure what it is and where to look for it.

You’re a thought-leader and difference-maker, but just haven’t made a difference that feels good to you.


You struggle with commitment and follow through. 

You don’t believe in energy or that you can heal and be healed.

You see yourself as a victim and tend to blame others for what’s happening in your life.

You are resistant to moving outside of your comfort zone.

You are not willing to invest time and money into your growth and healing and changing the world.

You have heard it all before and are already living a magic-filled life and creating your legacy.


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