Shifting Lifelong Patterns of Harmful, Food-Focused Behaviors to Fully Embracing the Power of Life.
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Get intimate insight into the discoveries of a food and diet-obsessed woman as she learns how to listen to her inner-dialog in order to ease her food-frenzied behaviours
Isabel Chiara, created Giana Giovanni, a character whose story is told in the style of a first-person historic memoir. Giana’s recount takes us from the farm fields of Italy circa World War II to the era of Grease Lightening in the late 1970’s, up to the current day. In humorous, easy-to-read language, Eat Your Words gives us a peak at a generational path of overeaters that sprang forth from a homegrown food heritage and emerged into a fast food, drive-thru frenzy.

With the wisdom of the feminine, Isabel supports Giana’s inner-exploration and aha moments, and rather than pushing her to find a solution to her dysfunctional relationship with food, Isabel encourages Giana, through self-love, to live her way back into her body that feels, at last, like home. In this tale, our protagonist’s main “squeeze” and heroic rescuer isn’t the hot boy next door but instead the 
overly-handled bag of chips she grapples with until finally exchanging it for the act of self-embrace.
“Are you in a war with food? I am and have been for a very long time. GG’s life story is told in a light hearted yet meaningful way so that if you are someone like me who has had body image and food problems since about 8th grade, it made me more reflective and less melancholy...less alone.”
- Debbie Elkins Rozier--Rozier Reads and Wine
“This book was so much more than I expected, and I felt it, and could really relate to it...I come from a family that made food a big part of our life. We gathered at the table, ate and connected with each other. Food was always a big thing for us. This isn't a preachy self-help guide. It's a story. A journey. It was comical and I even loved the chapter titles. I was totally glued to this. This was a healing read for me. “
- Dawnny Ruby, Novels N Latte
“Eat Your Words was a really fun book! I love the food-centric story and the support of loving ourselves and our relationship with food! I think the author has done a wonderful job writing this story. It’s a topic that is delicate, and I think that she has approached it from a place of personal understanding and thoughtful compassion for others...the entire book is a joy to read!”
- Breann, She Just Loves Books
“I really enjoyed this book! I’ve always struggled with weight! I’ve had 2, yes 2 stomach surgeries to prove it and then I married into a big Italian family where if you don’t eat everything on your plate, and then some, you're offending everyone. I just loved Giana’s story, she was so relatable and I really felt like she was my friend. I’d definitely recommend this to any “foodie”. It was such a fun read.”
- Jayme, Jayme Reads
“If you find yourself eating your feelings or turning to fast food just because it’s quick and easy, this book is for you. The author uses humor to get the reader to look deeper at their relationship with food.”
- Susan-Bryant Park Books 
This Book Is Written For You if You are Ready To:

“Eat Your Words” is a punchy and compelling read for anyone interested in unpacking, exploring and changing their relationship with food.”
Regain Control of your Life
Begin a journey to heal the causes of Food-Obsession 
Replace Critical Self-Doubt With Self-Love
Re-define cravings as important cues from your body
Interrupt and re-envision your thought patterns and habits 
Reveal the Truth About Why You Eat To Escape
Eat Your Words isn’t about hooking you with a promise for a solution. It’s an invitation to go on a deep-dive into your own relationship with food through an “infectiously” engaging story featuring a lovable and highly relatable character.
If you recognize that the “answer” to your diet challenges won’t be found in quick-fix formulas, or the latest restrictive food plans, then this story about learning to surf the tides of life, while beginning to listen to our appetites as they ebb and flow won’t disappoint.