Client Testimonials



After one session with Isabel I was able to clearly see the next step in my career where I had been “stuck”. She gave me homework and after taking the specific actions I found a buyer for my business! I am now moving forward into a new job that is in alignment with what I feel called to do. Isabel is magical and a gift!

Andrea - Boston

Freedom and Joy!

From the moment I signed up with Isabel Chiara my life began shifting quite noticeably and immediately. A new sense of freedom and joy began to grow. I am currently going through such a profound shift I don't really know how to describe it. There is a space within me that is growing. In this space I am clearly able to see and feel and think about what I want to create. I actually have more space in my life. In a short period of time, by week 3) I have manifested a staff I trust to take care of my autistic teen aged daughter, which is something I always needed, but was never able to manifest in the past. I now have more help than I have hours to give them. I can actually feel the shifts making room for the life I am creating. I Love this process! Everyone should do this process!

Loren - NYC

No More Chocolate Cravings!

"I had a major chocolate craving and once I got started with it I couldn’t stop myself. I could literally eat a whole chocolate cake! So my strategy was to not have chocolate in the house but there’s chocolate everywhere so I was still going crazy with the chocolate. I had a session with Isabel where she worked on my chocolate craving. She asked me questions and got down to the root of the craving. Our session was about 30 minutes and I remember her saying at the end “let’s have your body feel like it doesn’t need the chocolate so when you see chocolate you feel full. Your body already feels like it has everything it needs” and we did some visualization and ever since that session, whenever I see chocolate, I feel full!  Now when I see chocolate I don’t go crazy. I don’t crave it anymore. It worked!"

Olivia - Seattle

No More Cravings

“Isabel is the real deal. She is deeply intuitive and wise, and knows the right questions to ask to get to what’s really happening. Her insights around the source of my emotional upset were spot on. Working with her has made my comfort food cravings go away completely, and as a result I feel lighter and freer.”

Kelley - Colorado


Through one-on-one consultations, Isabel has helped empower me to upgrade my self image + have the confidence to set boundaries within my relationships.  I am happier,  healthier + activated!

Cheryl ~ Greenwich CT


I was at a really low point in my life, feeling helpless when I reached out to Isabel. She immediately went into action and started helping me sort out the issues one by one. I was not too sure what it meant to do a Theta healing, but I soon understood that it was a type of energy healing with great benefits. All of us keep so much trauma, sadness and wounds in our hearts that we do not know of. That is what was understood by me when she started stating the problem to heal and applying remedies. One by one they left my heart. I felt a great relief all over my body because I can feel the tension in my body leave little by little. Isabel is a very compassionate person who greatly cares for the people and intuitively feels others in a way that most people cannot. She pulled me out of the darkness I was fading into because of my fears, trauma and ancestral karma. She is ready to do her great service to Mother Earth and I wish her the best of luck and blessings!! I highly recommend her!!

Marita - Corpus Christi, Texas.

Amazing Help!

Isabel is an incredibly powerful healer with skills in many modalities. She worked with me in a compassionate yet humorous way to help me step into a bigger vision of who I am. She helped me let go of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual patterns that were no longer serving me. I am healthier happier and have more self-love having known and worked with Isabel.

Margaret M. - Ohio

A Journey of Self!

I originally joined the workshop with Isabel and Tara at the advice of a close friend who knew I had been frustrated with retaining weight. I knew that there would be focus on shedding unwanted inches but had no idea just how much growth would happen in place of what I had been able to release! We all have powerful energy within that can empower us to accomplish much once we are able to identify and remove those blocks. In this workshop, we were able to collectively focus on the journey within; Isabel and Tara helped me see years and years of pain and excuses that I had been using to be less than my best. This was accomplished through the tools we were given that made meditation so much more productive. By connecting with one another while still drawing closer to God (or Source) I felt safe to look my inner demons directly, deal with them, and then evict them! I had no idea that my weight was really where I had stuffed down pain from my past! I believe that these ladies have saved my life and as a result have enhanced the well-being of my family as a whole. Not only have I shed 12 pounds over the four weeks and continue to let go of a pound or two a week; I have also tapped in more deeply through prayer and meditation and am getting to know my stronger, intuitive self! I now am exploring this new freedom to be a stronger, more powerful me! This workshop will change your life if you let it! The ripple effect is very apparent when you witness your relationships with family, friends and coworkers becoming stronger and healthier along with you! Lock arms with these women! Together, you will make your world, and the world around you, a sacred, blessed place!

Karla C. - Ohio

Pleasant Experience

Isabel and Tara are an amazingly gifted duo of healers. Their intuition is finely tuned and their direct and compassionate approach is the perfect compliment to any weight loss program. I emerged from each workshop with renewed energy and unexpected clarity that continues to develop as I experience transforming shifts in my body and my brain. In a world overwhelmed with diet and exercise programs that address only part of the problem, I highly recommend "Journey to a Happy & Healthier You" to tap into and open your inner resources necessary to create sustainable change.

Rev. Jill A. – Minnesota