Six Weeks To Discover Your Legacy

Awaken Your Inner Manifestor

Something in your life has been left…Untapped…Unfinished…Unspoken

You Long to Make a Profound and Impactful Statement

To Take a stand for others…One that will be remembered.

You are among an elite group of courageous people willing to step up, in a whole new way, to make a real difference in the world.
It’s time to actualize your vision and launch your legacy into action so you can bring passion and joy, front and center in your life and the lives of everyone you touch.

But…Information alone isn’t enough. 

You need more than generic how-to, self-help guides.
You need real tools. You need a community. You need accountability.
You need a sure-fire way to crack open the personal brand of magic you were intended to share with the world.

Discover your legacy

As a life actualizer, I use a unique proprietary method to create a custom designed action plan to help you activate your own inner resources, unleash your creative energy and bring your legacy into existence.


It Begins With Getting Crystal Clear…

A Six Week Healing & Activation Coaching Experience

Awaken Your Inner Manifestor

Here Is What We Will Do


Tame your multi-tasker mind


Burn away old attachments, and reframe your past into an action-oriented future


Use tools and techniques to teach you how to think in a new way.


Shift old patterns and beliefs into new creative ways of being in the world


Develop a new skill set to find emotional ease in daily situations


Develop a new life plan for your legacy and anchor it into a daily routine

So You Can Have


A crystal clear understanding of what you really want


Fully unleashed actualizing-power to call in your desires


The energy and vision to stay the course


A reset button and new knowledge to build a memorable and meaningful legacy

Here’s How We’ll Do It

Foundation Session


This one-hour visualization and activation phone call is a critical first step to kick- off our work together.

It will lay a foundation and set the focus and pace.

This is not one-size-fits-all. This process is customized around YOU, for YOU and by YOU.

This is all about YOU talking and me listening…with multi-dimensional ears.

I’ll listen to more than the words you say. I’ll listen to the messages that sit in the subtle layers that make up your energetic body and interconnect with your physical body.

We’ll get gritty about what IS, and ISN’T, happening. By the end of the call we’ll have a new creation unlike anything you’ve ever done before… the framework for a clear, actionable, activating game plan.
And then you’ll work it…with me by your side.


Accountability Texts


To keep you laser focused on the objectives we established in the Foundation 1:1 session, these regular texts will:

  • propel you forward,
  • hold you accountable to being in the notice of your shifts
  • amplify your results, and open your channels to even greater levels of amazingness.


Visioning and Clearing Call

I will energetically “check-in” on a regular basis, and sometime during week 2 and 3 we will jump on a call to work through the sticky stuff that continues to clog up your channels.

That includes clearing the ancestral beliefs and patterns that have been passed along to you from past generations.

I’ll teach you the techniques so you can do it on your own.


Four 35-minute Activation Calls

You and me! A power-packed, activating session cranking it up to the next level to anchor in your visualization techniques

Every. Single. Week.


Isabel is an amazingly gifted Actualizer

Her intuition is finely tuned and her direct and compassionate approach is just what I needed. Unlike other mindset coaches, Isabel has taught me how to activate my inner resources for myself in order to create sustainable change in my life and radiate it out into the world.


Isabel pulled me out of the darkness

​All of us keep so much trauma, sadness and wounds in our hearts that we do not know of. Isabel pulled me out of the darkness I was fading into because of my fears, trauma and ancestral karma. One by one they left my heart. I felt a great relief all over my body.

Marita--Corpus Christi, TX

I believe that Isabel has saved my life

Isabel helped me see years and years of pain and excuses that I had been using to be less than my best. I felt safe (with her) to lookat my inner demons directly, deal with them, and then evict them! I believe that Isabel has saved my life and as a result has enhanced the well-being of my family as a whole. I have also tapped in, more deeply, through prayer and meditation and I am getting to know my stronger, intuitive self! I am now exploring this new freedom to be a stronger, more powerful me!

Karla, Ohio


Isabel is an incredibly powerful mindset coach with skills in many modalities

Isabel is an incredibly powerful mindset coach with skills in many modalities. She worked with me in a compassionate yet humorous way to help me step into a bigger vision of who I am. She helped me let go of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual patterns that were no longer serving me. I am healthier, happier and have more self-love having known and worked with Isabel.

Margaret, Ohio


Isabel taught me how to disconnected from broken belief systems

While working with Isabel, I uncovered many things about myself I had not been aware of. I examined the conversations I was having with myself and the results were shocking? How could I have been so mean to myself? During the private coaching sessions with Isabel, I experienced major shifts. Isabel taught me how to disconnected from broken belief systems and thought patterns and give way to a new level of self-acceptance and the desire for a healthy relationship with myself and the world around me. I now honor myself, and find peace in the journey of self-care.

Lauren, CA


Isabel has been so helpful and effective in guiding me to really look at my life...

Isabel has been so helpful and effective in guiding me to really look at my life & environment and helped me to transform beliefs and ideas and shift my reality to a much more fulfilling path that is more aligned to my purpose. She has helped me transform my life in all areas so that I could open the doors of abundance and peace in my heart. She has also helped me in the knowing that I can consciously create what I truly want in my life. I’m so grateful for her guidance and I recommend her program to anyone who is ready to shift from limited to limitless!



Working with Isabel has been an incredible experience

Working with Isabel has been an incredible experience. Isabel made deep profound changes in me that allowed me to access my passion and go out and confidently create magic in the world

Margaret, CA


Are We A Good Fit

How To Qualify

This Is For You If

You’re stuck on rinse and repeat.

You’re a savvy, intelligent person who is not afraid of a challenge, and new discoveries. 

You’re intrigued by adventure and want to create a deeper connection to your life experiences and radiate that out into the world 

You have faith in yourself but sense that there is “more out there” that is passing you by but you’re unsure what it is and where to look for it.

You’re a thought-leader and difference-maker, but just haven’t made a difference that feels good to you.

This Is Not For You If

You struggle with commitment and follow through. 

You don’t believe in energy or that you can heal and be healed.

You see yourself as a victim and tend to blame others for what’s happening in your life.

You are resistant to moving outside of your comfort zone.

You are not willing to invest time and money into your growth and healing and changing the world.

You have heard it all before and are already living a magic-filled life and creating your legacy.


Payment Options

Yes, I am Ready to Activate my Inner Manifestor!

When you live your life Actualized

You Don’t just set goals

You create a legacy



How much time should I plan to set aside for this program?

Other than our weekly visits, not much. Why? Because the impact of this work is evergreen and fluid. You will experience shifts while expanding consciousness, and if you work with the techniques I teach you the effect will be cumulative

How is this program different from other manifestation workshops I have taken?

It is a customized, highly intuitive program that connects deeply to your soul. This is the real deal and can be felt during each session and beyond

How will this program help me change my patterns and behaviors?

By integrating my proprietary techniques that anchor in your successes

I’m still not sure if this is right for me. Can I speak to you directly to learn more?

Of course! Let’s jump on a call together

Schedule your phone session with me today.

“The sum of all your past experiences do not dictate a linear version of the outcome of you.You can activate and realize your potential in exponential ways.”

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